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This is equal parts web page, blog, CV, and rant.  Enjoy!

I am a research and design engineer at UC San Diego.  Through the Institute for Neural Computation I do electronic, PCB, and neurally inspired algorithm design in the Integrated Systems Neuroengineering Lab of Gert Cauwenberghs (Bioengineering).  After hours I spend time on study of biophysical and machine consciousness theories.

My personal research interests are in replicating the associative memory and the anticipatory capabilities of brains using generative models.  Both software and hardware models are being pursued by many groups now.  At the moment my focus is on those inspired by Karl Friston’s Free Energy Theory.  In addition to using CAD tools for neuromorphic hardware systems design I expect to be developing new machine learning methods.

As a supporter of the ‘Panpsychism‘ tradition in the field of philosophy of mind I have come to the conclusion that consciousness is a fundamental natural process occurring not just in brains. To express this in 2006 I coined the phrase UNCC for Universal Correlates of Consciousness to contrast with NCC which stands for neural correlates of consciousness.  This view has strong connections to systems theory, the foundations of physics and the interpretation of quantum theory.  See also my chapter in Mind that Abides edited by David Skrbina.

We appear to be on the leading edge of a paradigm shift in how we view ourselves and our relationship to all of nature.  So…

Mind the Shift

(there is no Gap)

UNCC: Universal Correlates of Consciousness

We need to look at things much differently