1997: I-Bus Leopard Shark

I-Bus was a Division of Maxwell Labs.  Among other things they designed and manufactured processor boards according to the PICMG Standard, PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer’s Group.  If you look closely at this photo of what I did there you will recognize a PCI connector and a PC/AT ISA connector.  That would allow them to use cards of either type in the same chassis.  This design was a Pentium with lots of DRAM and all the usual PC motherboard components.  You could plug in a keyboard,mouse and monitor and run like any other PC.  They had their own Mentor tools, and I had to learn them to create the schematic.  They had their own board designer for layout.  As usual I was very involved in the placement.

IBUS Pentium on PICMG board formatIUS Leopard Shark after placement