2007: UCSD ISNL Capacitive Probe

Tom Sullivan, Gert Cauwenberghs and I worked on a new kind of EEG probe based upon capacitive coupling to the scalp without the messy conductive jelly.  This was analog design at the microvolt level for which I did the schematic and a nice ‘quiet’ layout.  I also mustered some alpha waves to test it once or twice.  A patent came of this for us.  This was about the size of a nickel.

Capacitive EEG ProbeMike Chi was another bright newbie graduate student at that time who went on to improve these circuits.  After completing his Doctorate he Co-founded Cognionics that now sells advanced EEG headsets for research and gamers.   See Gert’s web site for more on EEG electrodes and BMI (brain machine interfaces).