2006: UCSD ISNL Khepera

From 2000 to 2006 lots of life changing events were going on for me.  I spent lots of time, thinking, single parenting, and then in classes at UCSD and writing my ideas.  I had some conceptual breakthroughs that I am still sorting out and writing about mentioned elsewhere in this web site.  UCSD finally hired a neuromorphic engineer to its faculty in 2006, Dr. Gert Cauwenberghs.  Almost immediately before his ink dried, I was hired to help.  We outfitted a lab and stuffed it with instrumentation to build and test ICs and systems.  He brought in some grad students and the chips started to fly.  I designed at the board level and FPGA level as usual.  This design below was my first use of Altium tools.  It was a two board set designed to use a sensor to localize sound sources in conjunction with a neurally inspired chip.  It was to ride on top of a Khepera Robot.  It turned out the chip which was designed elsewhere had a packaging problem.  We had to send my two boards there to let them finish debugging it.  My part was tested and working ok.
CCI05052015Khepera Sound Localization bottom