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I hope these pages inspire, inform and entertain.  

This is equal parts web page, blog, CV, and rant.  Enjoy!

I am a research and design engineer at UC San Diego.  I work in Prof. Steven Swanson’s NonVolatile Systems Laboratory in the Computer Science and Engineering Department on design tools, secure erase tests, small processors, autopilot circuits and intelligent controllers for small gadgets and autonomous vehicles.

My personal research interests are in cognitive engineering of ‘Empirical Bayesian‘ semantic models for hard working robots like this one found dozing in Telluride, CO. 2014-07-13_17-57-12_109I will be using tools for neuromorphic engineering and neuroengineering such as the U. Waterloo NENGO modeling system that combines neuroscience and cognitive science.               (“How to Build a Brain“)

I confess without apology that I am also helping advance the ‘Panpsychism‘ tradition in the field of philosophy of mind and writing a book about lessons learned along my convoluted education and career path with freedom from the usual academic overspecialization pressures.  This includes strong interest in physics and the interpretation of quantum theory.

UNCC: Universal Correlates of Consciousness

“UNCC: Universal Correlates of Consciousness”

It may be hard to believe, but I am certain all these interests are deeply connected.  We just have to look at things much much differently.  (“Mind that Abides“)